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Is PIXAR an acronym?

No it is not.  In the early days of Pixar, when it used to be called the Computer Division at LucasFilms, they devoloped the Image Computer. When it was time to name it, Alv (MORE)

Who owns Pixar?

The Walt Disney Company. On January 24, 2006, Pixar entered into an agreement with The Walt Disney Company to merge the two companies. The deal was approved by shareholders of (MORE)

Who is the CEO of Pixar?

Pixar no longer has a C.E.O, for it was sold to Disney, and is not a wholly owned subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. Before it was sold, it was Steve Jobs. Currently, Ed C (MORE)

Which are Pixar movies?

As of July 2016, The films Pixar has made are:   Toy Story (1995)   A Bug's Life (1998)   Toy Story 2 (1999)   Monsters, Inc. (2001)   Finding Nemo (2003) (MORE)

What was the fourth Disney Pixar movie?

Pixar has produced a total of eleven feature films. They are listed below: 1. Toy Story (1995) 2. A Bug's Life (1998) 3. Toy Story 2 (1999) 4. Monsters, Inc. (2001) (MORE)

How many movies did Pixar make?

Pixar started in 1979 under the name "The Graphics Group", it was a part of the PC-division of Lucasfilm until it was acquired by Apple co-founder S. Jobs in the mid-eighties. (MORE)

Which Pixar Shorts Were Attached To Which Pixar Film?

Toy Story- had no accompanying theatrical short   A Bug's Life- Geri's Game   Toy Story 2- Luxo Jr.   Monsters Inc- For The Birds   Finding Nemo- Knick Knack  (MORE)