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What is placebo?

  It is the sugar pill that comes with birth control. It's the time in which you're not taking the hormones that the birth control gives you. They're only there to keep yo (MORE)

What does means placebo?

Answer placebo means fake.   something that's not real.   if one takes a placebo pill it means that he takes an empty pill that contains nothing at all.
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What is a placebo variable?

  A placebo is a treatment, most commonly a medication of some kind, which is given to a subject with the pretense that it will treat a specific ailment when in fact the t (MORE)

Use of a placebo?

  A placebo is used when testing medications. Generally, several test patients are given a medication whil others are given a placebo (non-active imposter such as a sugar (MORE)

What does Placebos mean?

A Placebo is a treatment that does not chemically alter the body, but may make the patient feel mentally better. Placebos are an important part of drug trials.
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What is a placebos?

  A placebo in its most common form is a false pill. For example a sugar pill which actually does nothing to your body or mind, but telling the patient that is an effectiv (MORE)

What are placebo?

Placebos are fake pills used in medical experiments to test the effectiveness of a drug. The band Placebo is an alternative rock group from England much like Muse.
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What is a placebo cigarette?

Generally, it is a non-functioning cigarette or cigarette-like device that takes the place of an actual cigarette. They are usually used by smokers in conjunction with other n (MORE)
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What is the placebo affect?

The placebo effect is that some people effect a full or partial recovery from symptoms even if the 'medication' they are receiving contains no active ingredients. The patient' (MORE)