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Can you ride a zebra?

It can be done, and is done, however. From the reading I've been doing, it is possible, although very difficult, to train a zebra to be ridden or to pull carriages, and in fac (MORE)
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Is there a mushabelly zebra?

Yes there is a mushabely zebra! but it is very rare so if you find it you are very lucky and you should definitely buy it! or if you do not have enough money to buy it you cou (MORE)
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Are zebras nocturnal?

Zebras aren't nocturnal, If you've ever been to the zoo in the day time there will be zebras there but if you go in the night time they will be asleep, i don't think zoos are (MORE)

How do zebras attract female zebras?

The do the same as horses they do every trick they know of like kicking with the back of there legs as high as they can to show of what they can do, really they do every thing (MORE)
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What are the zebras enemies?

The predators of the forest like Lion, Cheetahs and Hyenas are the enemies of the Zebra. Even large Crocodiles are known to attack/hunt zebras when they come to the river to d (MORE)
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Where are zebra found?

 Zebra are cosmopolitan across the continent of Africa,  although they are found mainly in temperate grasslands and  Savannah's  
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What are zebra characteristics?

Zebra's can usually be recognized at a glance. They have horse like  frames and well known black stripes. When seen in the wild zebra's  tend to travel in herds.

What is the role of zebra?

Zebras act as the "middle man," for consuming grasses (which are producers) which depend on such animals for their survival, and for acting as a food source for top-level cons (MORE)