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How do zebras die?

Most zebras normally die because of old age. Once they have  reproduced and grown old they die. They can also die with a lack of  food. As zebras live in the savanna and its (MORE)

What is an extinct zebra?

The Quagga is an extinct animal that lived in Africa and is much like the zebra but only has stripes on its hindquarters. Another animal similar too the Quagga is an Okapi and (MORE)

How do zebras attract female zebras?

The do the same as horses they do every trick they know of like kicking with the back of there legs as high as they can to show of what they can do, really they do every thing (MORE)
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How have zebras adapted?

Zebras have adapted by -    Stripes to camouflage them in long elephant grass  Strong teeth to chew the tough grass  Big ears to keep the heat out  Thin fur to keep c (MORE)
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How tall can zebras get?

About 4 to 5 feet at the shoulder (12 to 15 hands.) There are, however, different breeds of zebras, like the Grevy's zebra which is larger than the more common Grant zebra.
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Why is the zebra endangered?

  Because of habitat distruction, pollution, and poaching. Zebras are large, wild horses and live in Africa. The Grevy's zebra is the largest horse in the world, so it wou (MORE)

How do zebras sleep?

Zebras usually sleep or doze standing up during the day; some may  be brave enough to lay down for a few minutes or so for some real  deep REM sleep. Usually some of the her (MORE)
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Is the zebra a ruminant?

No. A zebra has the same digestive system as a horse, donkey or rabbit, which are called pseudo-ruminants or hind-gut fermentors. They ferment their digesta in their huge cecu (MORE)

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