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What is planar?

When we use the term planar, we're talking about two dimensions. We could also be designating a plane or flat, 2-dimensional construct. Planar figures are ones drawn in two di (MORE)
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What is a planar projection?

A planar projection is one wherein the points from athree-dimensional object are mapped on a two dimensional surface.One example is seen when a map of the world is projected o (MORE)

What is planar projection?

It is one of several methods to draw a 3D object (like a globe) on a 2D surface (like a piece of paper). See related links.
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What is planar motion?

Planar motion is the result of vectors summing to zero. In the case of force vectors it is the equilibrium condition: 0 = f1 + f2 + f3 + ..fn. Whenever the sum of the vectors (MORE)

What is a planar surface?

In mathematics, a plane is any flat, two-dimensional surface. A planar surface means that the surface of a material is straight in two dimensions, an example would be a p (MORE)
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What is a planar break?

Fault (geology) : when rock on one side has moved with respect to the right side Faults are like planar breaks in blocks of crust. Therefore, planar breaks are when one pie (MORE)

Why benzene molecule is planar?

It is planer because all carbons are sp 2 hybridised and a sp 2 hybrid carbon forms planar 4 atom sytem (methanal - H 2 C=O is the perfect example).
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Is C6H12 planar?

C6H12 is a tetahedral since c will be your central atom and your atom would have four bonds not three

Is Cyclohexane planar?

No, benzene is planar but cycloheaxane is not truly so. It is found in a "chair" or "boat" conformation.
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What is planar defect?

A Planar Defect is a defect that occurs in crystalline structure ofa material either naturally or due to the influence of some outsidesource, and can result in weakness or poo (MORE)