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How tall is nehru planetarium?

The height of Nehru Planetarium is not known. However, it has a 15meters diameter dome with a seating capacity of 210.
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What is in a planetarium?

Planetariums are usually domed theaters with rows of chairs arranged for people to sit comfortably while watching a video or demonstration about astronomy that is played by a ( Full Answer )
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Where is the planetarium in London?

It is adjacent to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Marylebone Road. Nearest tube station is Baker Street.
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What are the importance of planetariums?

plan·e·tar·i·um /ˌplaniˈte(ə)rēəm/ Noun: 1: A domed building in which images of stars, planets, and constellations are projected for public enter ( Full Answer )
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What do you see in a planetarium?

you can see models of the solar system and planets and just stuff about space
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Why are planetariums important?

Planetariums are important because they are used to teach the people about astronomy, they are also used for entertainment purposes.
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How do you get kicked out of a planetarium?

In order to be "kicked out" of a planetarium, one must do what is required to get kicked out of anything else: "break" the rules. This, however, is not recommended, as consequ ( Full Answer )
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How do you describe a planetarium?

A planetarium is a theatre of the Universe. It can surround you with an accurate image of the sparkling night sky. It can show all the motions and cycles of the sky. It can cr ( Full Answer )
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Why were planetariums made?

Planetariums were made to make it easy and convenient to show people some of the things they might want to look at in the sky. Planetariums allow the operator to "jump" forwar ( Full Answer )
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Where is the planetarium in southend?

It is located at the Central Museum Victoria Avenue, Southend on Sea. Telephone 01702 434449. Public performances on Saturdays. Pre booked groups Tuesday to Saturdays. Seating ( Full Answer )