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What is the Marshal Plan?

the Marshal Plan was a program organized by US Secretary of State  George Marshall to facilitate the economic recovery of Europe after  World War II since so much industry a (MORE)

What rhymes with plan?

an, ban, bran, can, clan, fan, flan, man, pan, ran, scan, span,  tan, than, van
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What was the schileffen plan?

Actually, it is spelled "Schlieffen", after the German Count Alfred  von Schlieffen.    See the Wikipedia article in the Related links section for more  details.  (MORE)

How was the Holocaust planned?

Hitler planned the whole thing. He spent years planning and after he built up his social status then he unveiled his grewsome plan. The only thing that was not in the planed w (MORE)

Why do organizations plan?

Depending on the size of the organization there are a lot of moving parts. If those aren't planned out the parts aren't likely to work smoothly. Planning for an organization h (MORE)