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How do you get the cow plant in the Sims 2?

You must have a Sims 2 University expansion pack installed. You can get the cow plant as a career reward. Your sim must graduate college and get a job in the natural science c (MORE)

Do you have to plant 2 plum trees for pollination?

Plums are not self-fertile. They need pollen from another tree or shrub. Plums belong to the genus "prunus" and it has been argued that any other prunus tree or shrub should b (MORE)

How do you plant your shields in Gears of war 2?

  the best way to plant your shields without them to get them get kicked down, is to put the handle in front of the locust. sure, you cant get out but, the big locust cant (MORE)
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What 2 characteristics distinguish animals from plants?

1. Animals engulf the prepared food whereas plants either prepare their own food by photosynthesis or absorb from other organisms. 2. Plant cells are provided with a cell wa (MORE)