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How do plantae move?

The way that plants (plantae) move is a couple different ways. They can either flood their cells with water and plants can use a hormone called auxin that allows the plant to (MORE)

Can plantae move?

I have been walking in the woods in shorts and saw the tip of a nettle bend toward me until the leaves hit my leg and stung me. Plants also do move to orient their leaves and/ (MORE)

Is plantae prokaryote?

Plants are considered to be eukaryotic organisms. The maindifference between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells is thepresence of membrane-bound organelles in eukaryotic c (MORE)

Where can you get the fruta planta?

Fruta Planta has been recalled by the FDA. It contained unmarked ingredients that had been previously banned in the United States. There have been cardiac events and death rep (MORE)

Is plantae a domain?

No. Plantae is a Kingdom in the domain of Eukarya. All organisms in the domain Eukarya are characterised by havingcells with nuclei. Eukarya covers all organisms in the Kingd (MORE)
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What are plantae classified into?

they are classified into four main gorups: nonvascular plants, and vascular plants, seedless plant and non flowering seed plant. I HOPE IT WORKS GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!!