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What is energy plantation?

Technically speaking, energy plantation means growing select  species of trees and shrubs which are harvest-able in a  comparably shorter time and are specif (MORE)
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Why is plantation called plantation?

Plantation is called plantation because.. In the word plantation there is PLANT, the word plant signifies plantation...thing that grow like plants.. IN BARNS Plantation is a b (MORE)

What is monoculture plantation?

monoculture means that you remove the entire natural ecosystem, pile the roots and debris and burn them, plow the soil and plant seeds of a food or fibre crop, usually exotic (MORE)
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What is tree plantation?

tree plantation is a big area that focuses on planting trees. IT is a good place for the environment and for us because they give out oxygen and we need oxygen to survive.
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What is a plantation?

A plantation is a large farm or land under single control or ownership, primarily those used for agriculture. The term is used for overseas lands in regions colonized by vario (MORE)

What is a timber plantation?

To help reduce the environmental impact of cutting trees for timber, special plantations of fast-growing trees are planted, specifically so they can be cut later. When the tre (MORE)

What is a plantation agriculture?

Plantation agriculture is a commercial tropical agriculture system which is essentially export-oriented. The local government and foreign/ international companies exploit the (MORE)
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What is a rubber plantation?

  It is a farm where rubber trees are grown, seriously they harvest latex from the tree to make everything from tires to all latex products. Latex is the sap from a rubber (MORE)

What is plantation economy?

   A plantation  economy is an economy based on agricultural mass  production, usually of a few staple products grown on large farms  calledplantations. Plantation ec (MORE)