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What is a plasmid?

A piece of DNA that is circular in shape, most common in bacteria. It codes for special characteristics of the bacteria that are not vital. A plasmid can be passed from one ba ( Full Answer )
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What are plasmids?

plasmids are small circular strands of DNA, most commonly in a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria E. COLI.
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If you were a plasmid you would?

C. form a little circle and reproduce on your own. Good Luck!! I just took the test and passed
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What is recombinant Plasmid?

Recombinant plasmids are engineered plasmid molecules that contain a DNA sequence inserted into it from a foreign source.
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What is the function of plasmid?

Plasmids are extra circular genetic material that can be passed from bacteria to bacteria, which basically is their function; in bacterial conjugation. But, in biotechnology i ( Full Answer )
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What do plasmids do?

plasmids are vectors that are used to replicate recombinant DNA in a host organism or cell. they are normally used in cloning experiments.
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What is plasmid?

A segment of DNA independent of the chromosomes and capable of replication, occurring in bacteria and yeast: used in recombinant DNA procedures to transfer genetic material fr ( Full Answer )
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When is a plasmid considered a recombinant plasmid?

When the original function of the gene in the plasmid is altered or another gene is inserted in the non- coding region of the plasmid is called the recombinant plasmid.
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What plasmids are in BioShock?

Plasmids are powers you can shoot from your hands in Bioshock. For example, there is the everlasting flame, telekonisis and much, much more. Personally, I think you should jus ( Full Answer )
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What is a multicopy plasmid?

Every plasmid has a copy number that reflects the average number of copies of a certain plasmid inside a host cell(usually a bacterial cell). So a multicopy plasmid, exist ( Full Answer )