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Can you plaster over old plaster?

Yes you can. You must first paint over the old plaster with aproduct such as Eucoweld, which chemically adheres the new plasterto the old.
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Where can you find plaster?

Plaster of Paris is found in most hardware stores. It comes in packages up to 25 pounds and as small as two pounds. Check with your local hardware store for prices. If you are (MORE)
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How do you plaster?

Get a mould and plaster. Pour water into the plaster and mix. Pour the plaster into the mould and wait for it to dry. Once it is dry carefully take the plaster out of the moul (MORE)
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What do plasterers use when plastering a wall?

Depending on the walls substrate. ie. is it dry wall plastering (chalk board, fibre cement) or is it solid plastering (ie. cement rendering). Dry wall plastering consists of 2 (MORE)

What is plastering?

A fter a brick wall has been erected it is required to finishit well. So , a mixture of cement( usually portland) , water andfine sand is applied in required consistency. How (MORE)

What is plastered ceiling?

Before the invention of dry wall (some call it plaster board or gypsum board), walls and ceilings were slathered with plaster of Paris over lathe board (small, thin slats of w (MORE)

Is plaster a noun?

Yes, plaster is a noun, a common noun. Plaster is also a verb (plaster, plasters, plastering, plastered). Example uses: Noun: The plaster in the hall is cracked. Verb: We'l (MORE)