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Can you have an X-ray with a plaster cast on?

You can have an X-ray with a plaster cast on, however the image won't be as clear as it could be without one. It creates more layers that the radiation needs to penetrate to c (MORE)
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What is a plastering tool?

There are many tools used in Plastering, though the primary tool would be the Trowel.
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Can you plaster over old plaster?

Yes you can. You must first paint over the old plaster with a  product such as Eucoweld, which chemically adheres the new plaster  to the old.
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Is plaster poisonous?

Plaster itself is not poisonous. Some people are allergic to it but generally you will only have a reaction to it if you consume it. Plaster of Paris may cause breathing diffi (MORE)

What is solid plastering?

Solid plastering is the occupation of covering surfaces and producing a finish ready for painting. There are several methods including but not limited to; Sand Finish - ce (MORE)

What is plasters hawk?

A plasterer's hawk is a tool. It is a square board ( about 9 inches ) with a perpendicular handle. It is held horizontally in one hand while the other hand lifts the plaster o (MORE)

What is plastering?

After a brick wall has been erected it is required to finish  it well. So , a mixture of cement( usually portland) , water and  fine sand is applied in required consistency. (MORE)
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What is plaster gauze?

Plaster gauze is a type of gauze with plaster infused that is commonly used for art to make masks and things of that nature. It is also how they do casts for broken bones.