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From where do we get plastic?

We get plastic from oil and natural gases. Oil and natural gas are the major raw materials used to manufacture plastics. They often start by treating the crude oil and natural (MORE)

What is plastic injection molding process?

Moulten plastic is injected at high pressure into an injection mould tool. The plastic cools inside the tool and takes the inverse form of the cavity machined into the tool.  (MORE)
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Phosphorus atoms embedded in plastic absorb light energy and slowly release the light in a glow-in- the dark process is called?

In some elements it takes time for the energized electrons to fall back and give up their energy. These elements store energy and give off light slowly over a period of time. (MORE)

How do you explain the process of separating a mixture consisting of iron filings and sand in a plastic bowl?

Here's the full scientific report I had to do in year 7. Title: Magnetic Separation Aim: To separate iron filings from sand using a magnet. Equipment: Magnet, sand and i (MORE)
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What is plastics?

The word 'plastics' is a general term for artificially made substances which can be moulded and squeeezed and pressed into various shapes, generally after they have been heate (MORE)