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What do platelets do?

Platelets are cell fragments which are an important part of bloodclotting. Similarly to red blood cells, they don't have a nucleus,but they are a lot smaller than red blood ce ( Full Answer )
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What are platelets?

Platelets are not cells, they are fragments of cells that werecreated when larger cells in the bone marrow broke apart. Plateletsplay an important role in blood clotting.
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What does platelets do?

Platelets form blood clots and 'scabs' when we cut ourselves - to reduce or stop us bleeding.
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What does platelets do in the blood?

They are responsible for blood clotting. This prevents too much blood loss and to some extent prevent the entry of pathogens into the body through the cut/wound.
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How do you get platelets?

Your entire platelet population turns over in 7-10 days at most. Benadryl half life is less than 8hours, so nearly ALL benadryl will be out of your system within 48 hrs. When ( Full Answer )
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What are platelets and what is its function?

Platelets are nuclear cells rotates the blood and get rid of blood clots. they release protein , and close up the tear in the blood vessels..
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Does plasma have platelets in it?

Blood plasma contains platelets, RBC and WBC cells in them. the answer to your question is yes. plasma is the component of blood obtained after removing all the blood corpu ( Full Answer )
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What is a fact about platelets?

If your talking about blood platelets, they rush to an area of you body that is injured to begin the clotting process.
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What does your platelets do?

They stop you from bleeding. When you cut yourself, the platelets form a plug (or clot) by sticking together - this slows down and eventually stops the bleeding. The scab le ( Full Answer )
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What are plateletes?

They are a component in blood required for the proper clotting ofblood. They are small colourless disc-shaped cell fragments withouta nucleus.