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What is platinum?

PLatinum is an element with 78 protons. Platinum is a dense, malleable, ductile, precious, gray-white transition metal. It is also called as Noble Metal. Platinum is the rar ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about platinum?

Platinum is very hot Platinum is platinum Platinum is definitely one of the rarest and most sought after precious metals. Most people do not realize how rare platinum is. Al ( Full Answer )
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What is the platinum orb in Pokemon Platinum?

The "Griseous-Orb" is found in "TurnBack-Cave". It is item to be held by Giritina. It powers up ghost and dragon type moves and turns giritina into origin form(e).
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Are platinum records made of platinum?

they are not made of platinum. Platinum referes that an specific recording or album, reached the one million copies in sales.
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How do you get the platinum orb on platinum?

first thing you need to do is beat the elite four, then go to turn back cave and keep walking threw doorways until you see this portal with a rare bone above it. go in the por ( Full Answer )
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What can you do with platinum?

Apart from jewelry, platinum's main use is as a catalyst. Platinum and platinum alloys are largely used to make laboratoryinstruments, laboratory accessories (crucibles, boats ( Full Answer )
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Where is hipotamus in platinum?

ANSWER: it is rare and only found in Ruin Maniac Tunnel between Route 214 and Solaceon Town
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How do you get a haunter in platinum?

There are two ways to get Haunter. The first, if you want it early on, is to head to the tower on Route 209 and capture one. Then train it to level 25 and it will evolve. Othe ( Full Answer )
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How do you reduce platinum oxide to platinum?

In Rev. Sci. Intrum. 1995, 66 (1), 97-100, on page 98, the authors describe using a -1.1 V vs carbon (but I use vs Pt) in H2SO4 ( I use 50 mM) to electrochemically etch PtO2 o ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have platinum?

I have platinum because its a fun game and i always get a bored and im going to tell you the Pokemon i have darkrai,dialga,palkia,salamence, aagron,tyranitar,moltres,arcituno, ( Full Answer )