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What is a philosopher?

A philosopher is a person who seeks answers to the questions of life. This person uses their intellect, their personal experience, and their spiritual/emotional body to step i (MORE)

What are the characteristics of a philosopher king according to Plato?

Definition of the Philosopher - His natural qualities · The philosopher is in love with truth, not with the changing world of sensation, which is the object of opinion. He is (MORE)

Why is the Philosopher-king the best form of rule according to Plato?

Philosophers were to be those that showed great promise early in their physical and mental training. They were to be unrestrained by familial or political desire-being provide (MORE)
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What were the philosophies of Plato?

    Answer   * Plato believed that humans could not be trusted.  * That people were born evil.  * He believed that rulers were not chosen for their abilit (MORE)

Who was influenced by Plato?

Aristotle, Xenophon, St. Augustine, Neo-Platonists in the 3rd century CE, Iris Murdoch in modern times...themes and ideas in his dialogues permeate so much of western thought. (MORE)