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Why did Plato hate democracy?

he thought that only philosophers chosen from birth could rule...In democracy people are elected because of empty political promises, money, uneducated public.
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What is Platos closet?

Platos Closet is a store that you can shop at or turn in your old gently used clothing for money:) its a great store ive gotten abercombie jeans for $5 dollars once and they w (MORE)
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Was Plato fat?

The name Plato was a nickname, the word translates into broad. This name was given to him by his wrestling coach. Some people take this to mean he was fat, some people take to (MORE)

Who were Socrates and Plato?

Socrates and Plato are considered two of the founding fathers of western philosophy, alongside Plato's student, Aristotle. They were two of the most influential and brilliant (MORE)
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What is the ideal form of government suggested in platos the republic?

For Philosophers to rule and be 'guardians' of everyone else, as poor people shouldn't get to vote and make decisions.
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Why did Plato die?

Plato was a Greek Philosopher and Mathematician. He was Socrates  student and formed the first institute of higher learning in  western world called The Academy in Athens. A (MORE)
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What were the philosophies of Plato?

    Answer   * Plato believed that humans could not be trusted.  * That people were born evil.  * He believed that rulers were not chosen for their abilit (MORE)

Contribution of Plato?

Plato's main contributions were in philosophy, mathematics and the  sciences. Plato founded an academy in Athens in 387 BCE, where he  researched and instructed others in ph (MORE)

Who was influenced by Plato?

Aristotle, Xenophon, St. Augustine, Neo-Platonists in the 3rd century CE, Iris Murdoch in modern times...themes and ideas in his dialogues permeate so much of western thought. (MORE)