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Who are platyhelminthes predators?

Platyhelminthes are flatworms. However, because there are manydifferent types of flatworms like Turbellaria and Cestoda, therecan be different types of predators. For example, (MORE)

What are the characteristics of platyhelminthes?

•Bilateral symmetry.•Protosomes.•Do not have an anus, but possess a mouth.•Contain a hydrostatic skeleton.•Mostly sexual reproduction.•4 Classes (MORE)

Examples of platyhelminthes?

although most flatworms are aquatic, probably the best known flatworms are parasitic. Tapeworms (cestodes) and flukes (digeneans) are a couple of well-known flatworms.
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How Platyhelminthes reproduce?

Both by asexual fragmentation ( a type of piece reproduction ) and sexual reproduction. Most flat worms are hermaphrodites and contain both male and female genitalia.
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Is Platyhelminthes prokaryotic?

Platyhelminthes is a phylum of invertebrates classified as animals,so it is not prokaryotic. Prokaryotes are organisms like bacteria.Platyhelminthes is the phylum for flatworm (MORE)
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How do Platyhelminthes locomote?

Many flatworms are parasitic, living within the host, and once anchored, have no need for locomotion. The land and water dwelling species lay down a film of mucus through wh (MORE)

Is an arthropod a platyhelminthes?

No, arthropoda and platyhelminthes are two different phyla. Thelatter are the flatworms, the former are characterized by segmentedbodies, an exoskeleton made from chitin, and (MORE)