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How do Platyhelminthes breathe?

Platyhelminthes breathe using their entire body. Being flat, oxygen diffuses quickly across the skin and to all parts of the body, so they don't need a blood circulatory or re (MORE)
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Are the phylums Ctenophora or Platyhelminthes protostome or deuterostonme?

"They are neither. This is because they do not have a true gut. Protostomes are annelidids(earthworms) Mollusca(clams, snails, octopus, etc.) and arthropods which are your ins (MORE)
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What are adaptations possessed by Platyhelminthes as endoparasites?

Flatworms have many adaptations as an internal parasite. Their body  is covered by a protective tegument which makes it resistant to  digestive acids. They release a large n (MORE)

What do platyhelminthes eat?

Platyhelminthes, or flatworm , are carnivorous animals. They eat  small animals and other flatworms. They also eat protists and  rotifers.
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List some adaptations possessed by Platyhelminthes as endoparasites?

covered by protective tegument which is specialized body covering resistant to digestive juice produce large no of eggs anterior end with hooks or suckers for attachment to th (MORE)

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Are platyhelminthes segmented?

No. there are three kinds of worms: platyhelminthes- flatworms(not) nemahelminthes-roundworms(not) annelids-segmented worms( segmented)
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Adaptation of platyhelminthes?

The Platyhelminthes have developed several adaptations. Body  covering, organs of adhesion, organs of locomotion, organs of  nutrition, Neurosensory system, and their reprod (MORE)