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What does plausibility mean?

Having an appearance of truth or reason; seemingly worthy of approval or acceptance; credible; believable. Sample: a plausible excuse. = it's referring to whether something i (MORE)

Is Christianity plausible?

According to the dictionary definition of the term plausible which contains the idea of something being 'apparently reasonable valid and truthful' , then most certainly yes. (MORE)

Is Plato's tripartite soul a plausible way to think about human nature?

Plato's understanding that the soul has three parts is at least an initially fruitful way to begin to think about human nature. The context of his discussion is important. He (MORE)

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the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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Was Pluviculture essentially a Quack Science or was it plausible in theory?

In its heyday, Pluviculture or (Rain-making) was essentially a quack science though infested with various types of apparatus which might have had some residual scientific valu (MORE)

How did galileo and newtons insights into physics help to make Copernicus' model more plausible?

In the end it was Kepler's model that was accepted as true.  Copernicus's model with its circles and epicycles was replaced by  Kepler's model with elliptical orbits that we (MORE)