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What is a marquee player?

"A foreign recruit who has represented his country in any of the  continental championships like the European Championship, Copa  America, African Nations Cup, Asian Cup, or (MORE)

How to be a player for women?

  * 'Player' is just a simple more modern term for 'hit and run!' Players simply date many women and it would be to your best interest to hang around clubs or go to cert (MORE)

Who is a team player?

A team player is someone who can work with other people without  undermining the goals of the group or their purpose for team work.  He is also someone whom the team members (MORE)

Why are guys players?

Nice question. Because, most guys, and I'm not saying all, but most, don't stick with one girl. Of course they flirt, and they make you feel all special and stuff. THEN (MORE)

Who are the players in the Chelsea?

1 Petr Cech2 Branislav Ivanovic3 Ashley Cole4 David Luiz- Michael Essien6 Oriol Romeu7 Ramires8 Frank Lampard9 Fernando Torres10 Juan Mata11 Oscar12 Mikel13 Victor Moses15 Flo (MORE)

What does the MP3 player do?

an mp3 player is basically just for listening to music. this is what a simple cheap mp3 from any shop will do. you can use media player to sync your music but some mp3s requir (MORE)

What is a groove player?

the groove player is the thing that loads an aplication EXAMPLE: if you want to download a game like wizard101 or toontown or anything you have to have the groove player speci (MORE)

Who are arsenals players?

Players   Cesc FabregasAbou DiabyBacary SagnaTomas RosickyEduardoWilliam GallasRobin van PersieCarlos VelaTheo WalcottDenilsonAaron RamseyAlex SongJohan DjourouLukasz Fabia (MORE)