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What do you call playground chasing game?

    It is called TAG. It is when one person is "It" and the other participants try not to get touched, or tagged, by the person who is "It". Variations of this game ar (MORE)

How is swinging on a playground swing related to resonance?

it all has to do with a pendulum when you swing back and forth you are using potenial and kinetic enery
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How do you repair a hole in a plastic playground slide?

  If the hole is big, place a netting of some sort over the hole first. I used a piece of very thin fabric ribbon. Adhere it with a little plastic epoxy. Spread PLASTIC EP (MORE)

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What are the physics behind a playground swing?

A playground swing operates primarily under Newton's first law of motion: When you push a swing, it attempts to move off in a straight line (parallele to the ground) however, (MORE)

Which city is called American playground?

Las Vegas, I believe, is America's playground. Either that or Cleveland, OH.
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Where is the playground of Europe?

Switzerland is known as the Playground of Europe. It is called this  because there is an abundance of wonderful things to do and see  there. They have stunning mountains, la (MORE)

Is playground a common noun?

It would only be proper if it was the name of place. If it was the  name of the restaraunt, like Playground Bar and Grill, it would be  a proper noun. If you are just going (MORE)