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How do you make a playground slide faster?

  Step 1: Clean the slide of loose dust, sand and such. A soft-bristle hand-held broom or larger paint brush should do the job nicely. Step 2: Use a kitchen cleaner (409 (MORE)

An idle mind is the devils playground?

If you are doing nothing but over analysing and thinking about certain things all the time it leaves too much time for negative thoughts and hypothetical scenarios to make the (MORE)

Is friction usefull in playgrounds?

Friction is fascinating because in so many situations we try to reduce friction, but friction is a necessary force, without which everything would be impossible. Without frict (MORE)

What are the physics behind a playground swing?

A playground swing operates primarily under Newton's first law of motion: When you push a swing, it attempts to move off in a straight line (parallele to the ground) however, (MORE)

Which country is known as the 'playground of Europe'?

Switzerland is known as the "playground of Europe" a title that it  was given by English writer Leslie Stephen in 1870. An avid  travelers and climber, Stephen was referring (MORE)

Where is the playground of Europe?

Switzerland is known as the Playground of Europe. It is called this  because there is an abundance of wonderful things to do and see  there. They have stunning mountains, la (MORE)