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Why the plural form of play is plays not plaies?

Because, whenever there is a vowel in front of the y in the ending  of a word, you just add s. You do not drop the y and add es or ed.   The only time you change the y to (MORE)

What is play?

Play is described as activity or behavior that gives immediate pleasure. Rather than exerting oneself for the purpose of accomplishing a practical goal or producing something (MORE)

Is it play it ear or play it by year?

Play it by ear. If you play it by ear, you don't have a plan of action, but decide what to do as events take shape. Yes it is 'play it by ear' and it comes from when a musicia (MORE)
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Who is playing who or who is playing whom?

The answer is who is playing whom. Because the object if the  sentence is referred to as whom.21
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How safe to play with play dough?

It is very safe if you are referring to health, because it is non-toxic. (I once ate a piece as a kid. It was nasty and salty, but I did not get sick.) It is unsafe, however, (MORE)

What languages are Shakespeare's plays played in?

It is not written in Old English, which is a language spoken in England between 800 AD and 1100 AD but rather a form of Modern English called Early Modern English. Despite the (MORE)
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Is play in a play a noun?

The word play is a verb or a noun.   In "play in a play", the first "play" is a verb (a word for an  action) and the second "play" is a noun (a word for a thing):  "to p (MORE)