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What is play?

Play is described as activity or behavior that gives immediate pleasure. Rather than exerting oneself for the purpose of accomplishing a practical goal or producing something (MORE)

Playing me or not?

If he is ignoring you or making fun of you, he is, but if he is a little distant and confused you should talk to him, If he doesnt want to talk to you or doesnt look at you an (MORE)
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Does she have a play with?

  This is a generic question- who is she, and what is she playing with?
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What did they play?

The games they played was soccer. That's really all they played in Greece .Soccer is the most popular game in Greece everyone plays it even the parents play with there kids . (MORE)
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You were played or you had played?

It would depend upon the context. I had played golf last Saturday. I had hoped to win but I was played.
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Can you play with me?

This question as written is a typical question that young children  ask their parents every day. As children age into elementary  school, it is most asked to other children (MORE)