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What is plea?

It is just a claim made in civil or criminal court, in an advisory ,and this is done when there is a case of assertion by the other person. if you need any help further you ca ( Full Answer )
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What is Plea bargaining?

Its a criminal law term used to define the process in which the accused agrees to plead guilty to a lesser criminal offense in which they were originally being charged with... ( Full Answer )
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What is a plea bargain?

Answer . A lesser charge the prosecuters in court offer you. So they dont have to take it to trial. Cause it costs the city lots of time and money.
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What is the plea agreement?

If you are charged with a crime - SOMETIMES - in order to save you from a conviction for a serious offense, AND to save the government the cost of a trial - OR - in exchange f ( Full Answer )
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What is a demi plea?

A demi pliè is a step used in ballet in which you hold your feet in a position(from 1st-5th)and bend the knees so that the heels stay on the floor and the shoulders, hips, ( Full Answer )
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What is Plea and Pass?

A plea and pass is a legal term that is used to describe a certainkind of agreement. If a person chooses a plea and pass, they pleadguilty but the court defers an immediate fi ( Full Answer )
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What does plea out mean?

"Plea out" is not a legal term. In commonly used slang however, it means to plead guilty to an offense and take what punishment was meted out.
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What plea is closest to a guilty plea?

That would be a "no contest" plea. You're not admitting guilt but you realize the prosecution has enough evidence to convict you. Added : SUch a plea as described above wou ( Full Answer )
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How to withdraw a plea?

The law will vary from state to state, so these comments are mere generalizations. In most states you will be required to request leave to withdraw your plea from the court a ( Full Answer )
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What is a phantom plea?

No idea. Not included in legal definitions as such. Perhaps refers to a "test" plea put forward by a defendant as a fishing expedition to determine what the sentence might be ( Full Answer )