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What are pleadings?

Pleadings are the act of making an emotional or earnest appeal tosomeone. Example: The duke made his pleadings to the king for the release of hisimprisoned wife.

What is plead?

The word plead can be used in two ways. It could be used todescribe a person who is desperately wanting something by basicallybegging for it. It can also be used to describe t (MORE)
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What are all the pleads you can possibly plead?

Well, in sexual arrousment they tend to plead for more....and really what other pleads are there? I mean you do have pleading the fifth but really who does that anymore....boy (MORE)

What is a leave to plead?

In legal terms asking "leave" is asking the permission of the court to be allowed to do something. A pleading is defined as "a complaint and answer; a reply to a counterclai (MORE)

What is an example of a pleading?

A pleading is defined as "Written statements of the parties in a civil case of their positions. In the (US federal courts), the principal pleadings are the complaint and the a (MORE)
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Is an affidavit a pleading?

No. Affidavits are like deposition testimony - a sworn statement under oath. Therefore, an affidavit is part of the Discovery Process.

What is you plead the 5th?

It means you refuse to answer a question, because doing so may incriminate yourself. The phrase comes from the US constitution, the 5th amendment guaranteeing a fair trial. I (MORE)