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Is an affidavit a pleading?

No.  Affidavits are like deposition testimony - a sworn statement under oath.  Therefore, an affidavit is part of the Discovery Process.

Is an order a pleading?

  No, they are not the same. A 'pleading" is an 'argument' made to a judge or magistrate. An 'order' is a directive issued by the court that something should be done or ta (MORE)

What is you plead the 5th?

It means you refuse to answer a question, because doing so may incriminate yourself. The phrase comes from the US constitution, the 5th amendment guaranteeing a fair trial. It (MORE)

What does pleading mean?

Pleading means:   'To Beg', to ask strongly or humbly for something,   or   A formal written statement filed with the court in a civil action.
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What does the term plead to the fifth mean?

You may not be forced to incriminate yourself in a trial. That means that if someone asks you a question the answer of which may incriminate you (regardless of your true guilt (MORE)

What is an accusatory pleading?

  It is a statment or allegation submitted before the court levelling charges at a person.  
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What are pleadings?

Pleadings are the act of making an emotional or earnest appeal to  someone.   Example:    The duke made his pleadings to the king for the release of his  imprison (MORE)

What happens if you plead nolo contendre?

It's a "kinder and gentler" way to plead guilty without actually having to say it in open court. Translated literally it means "I shall not contest." What it means is that a (MORE)