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How do you please her?

\nYou have to act like you care, but don't fake it. Girls like to be praised and welcomed. They might sometimes even give you something back in return. You can please her by b (MORE)

Is ''Please help please'' a redundancy?

Choose for yourself. . Yes; "please help, please" is redundant, as is "please, pretty please". Many people repeat the word "please" in their requests or petitions as a man (MORE)

Is please an adjective?

No, the word please is either a verb or an interjection. There isan adjective form ( pleased ) taken from the past participleof the verb "to please" (satisfy or make happy).
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Can you please or would you please?

The distinction is that Can you please..? implies doubt about the person's ability to do what is asked, while Would you please...? only questions the person's willingness.