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How do you please her?

\nYou have to act like you care, but don't fake it. Girls like to be praised and welcomed. They might sometimes even give you something back in return. You can please her by b ( Full Answer )
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Is ''Please help please'' a redundancy?

Choose for yourself. . Yes; "please help, please" is redundant, as is "please, pretty please". Many people repeat the word "please" in their requests or petitions as a man ( Full Answer )
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When was 'Please Please Me' by the Beatles recorded?

Four of the songs on Please Please Me were recorded as single sides: "Love Me Do" and "P.S. I Love You" in September 1962, and "Please Please Me" and "Ask Me Why" in January ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a boyfriend tips...please please?

I am 10 and i have a boyfriend. This is what i did to get my boyfriend.Iasked him to be my friend. Then i asked him if he was single he said yes. then u keep it a secret until ( Full Answer )
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Is please an adjective?

No, the word please is either a verb or an interjection. There isan adjective form ( pleased ) taken from the past participleof the verb "to please" (satisfy or make happy).
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Can you please or would you please?

The distinction is that Can you please..? implies doubt about the person's ability to do what is asked, while Would you please...? only questions the person's willingness.
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When was please please me number one?

Sorry, it peaked at number 3 in 1964 Answer Hit No 1 on the 'New Musical Express' chart on 22 Feb 1963 and remained top of the 'Melody Maker' chart for the following 2 wee ( Full Answer )