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How do you get pleasure?

You can get pleasure by inserting the whole penis in the vagina and pulling it in and out very fast over a longer span of time.
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HOw to get pleasure?

if you and your partner, really like being with each other and making love ,to get the best out of it is that when you;ll are having sex put your mine on what you are doing. r (MORE)
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Why do you get pleasure from sex?

It triggers nerve endings which cause dopamine to release from the brain which chemically stimulates your body, kind of like Meth, but smaller doses

It is my pleasure helping you?

The act of helping gives you all the pleasure or reward you require for the act. You don't expect to be paid or receive any other reward for it.
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Why are fats pleasurable?

The fat in foods tastes great and fat on the body is soft and squishy. It is good to feel and makes womens' breasts and butts bigger, so more attractive.
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How To Pleasure A Women?

Ask her what she likes. Be genuinely concerned for her pleasure, likes and dislikes. Women are complex individuals, and there is no one simple answer.