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How do you repair pleated window blinds?

Fusing string is a very helpful technique to know when doing blind  repairs and can be also used for other projects that use polyester  sting. This technique does not work o (MORE)
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What is a pleat?

a pleat is a fold of fab in order to reduce the "free fab" or "volume of fab" and to make it shaped to the body or wanted shape. you can make a pleat in a variety ways as: m (MORE)

In sewing what are pleats?

pleats are folds that are placed in the fabric and then stitched in place to give a garment shape
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What are mushroom pleats?

Mushroom pleats are not a vegetable, but a style of pleating in clothing. It is supposed to be delicate and close, like the underside of a mushroom cap.
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What is the formula for sewing pleated drapes?

Pleated Drapes Formula: Finished width x Fullness factor + overhand/returns divided by fabric width = # of widths (needs to be a whole number, so round up if .3 of higher) (MORE)
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What is a box pleat?

A box pleat is a pleat of two parallel creases facing opposite  directions making a raised section in between them. You can have a  box pleat on a valance, skirt or a box. F (MORE)