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What is the formula for sewing pleated drapes?

Pleated Drapes Formula: Finished width x Fullness factor + overhand/returns divided by fabric width = # of widths (needs to be a whole number, so round up if .3 of higher) (MORE)

What are ventral pleats?

Ventral pleats is the bottom jaw of a whale that has the ability to expand when the whale drinks gallons of water. For more information go to YouTube and watch Episode 5 of "T (MORE)

Are cummerbund Pleats up or down?

The correct wear of the cummerbund (also called cumberbund) would depend on whose traditions you follow. The military services have specified directives on how to wear their u (MORE)
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What are the differences between alpha helix and beta pleated sheet?

1. Alpha Helix   rod likeCO & NH of the mainchain are hydrogen bonded together, allowing the mainchain to be buried n+4 H bonding schemeall alpha carbons are H bonded and (MORE)

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How do you repair pleated window blinds?

Fusing string is a very helpful technique to know when doing blind  repairs and can be also used for other projects that use polyester  sting. This technique does not work o (MORE)
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What are sunburst pleats?

Sunburst pleats are a knife pleat cut on the bias to create a  flaring out effect.
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