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What is the nstp pledge?

I am an NSTP-CWTS member, In my honor, I shall do the best of my abilities to foster friendship and camaraderie among member community. I shall endeavor to show honor and di (MORE)

What is the DARE pledge?

"Taking a Stand Against Drug Abuse" I know who I am and I know that I want to stay healthy and happy. I can stand up for myself and stick to my decision to live a drug-fre (MORE)

What is Guatemala's pledge?

  Bandera nuestra a ti juramos lealtad, peregne, honor, sacrificio, y esperanza hasta la hora de nuestra muerte, en el nombre de la sangre y la tierra juramos mantener tu (MORE)

What is a pledged delegate?

  Have a look at CNN, Election Center 2008   I took the explanation from there:   A pledged delegate is elected or chosen on the state or local level wi (MORE)
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What was the McMahon pledge?

during WW1 english gov promise to saudi arabs that it will give them a kingdom including palestine and syria. this is the mac mahon pledge. But no none heard about it until th (MORE)

What does pledge mean?

to promise something, " i pledge to keep milford clean" It means and is defined as the promise or commitment to something, such as a Pledge of Allegiance, a commitment to alle (MORE)

What is a pledge?

  a pledge is either a promise solemnly and formally; "I pledge that I will honor my wife" or to pay (an amount of money) as a contribution to a charity or service, especi (MORE)
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What did vassals pledge to?

Political allegiance and providing military, political, and financial service to a lord. More at LINK
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Is pledge a noun?

Yes, the word pledge is a noun, a singular, common  noun; a word for a solemn promise or undertaking, a word for a  thing; a word for someone who has promised to join a frat (MORE)