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What is the pleiades?

The Pleiades also known as M45 or the Seven Sisters - is the name of an open cluster of stars in the constellation of Taurus. Also known as "the seven sisters"
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What is a pleiad?

32 Moby Thesaurus words for " pleiades ": big name , celebrity , constellation , cynosure , figure , folk hero , galaxy , great man , hero , heroine , ( Full Answer )
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Who were the Pleiades?

The Pleiades were the seven daughters of the Titan Atlas and Pleione the sea nymph.
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When was the pleiades discovered?

Long before history started. It's not like it's something obscure that you'd need a telescope to see.
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How did pleiades get is name?

The Pleiades is named after the seven sisters of Greek mythology, the daughters of Atlas (one of the titans) because it was charted that it consisted of seven stars, though of ( Full Answer )
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What is pleiades' alcyone?

The Pleiades are the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione, of which Alcyone is numbered among them being the Pleiad star-nymph of Mount Kithairon in Boiotia (central Greece) l ( Full Answer )
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How far away is the star pleiades?

Pleiades is not a star, but a star cluster (group of stars). The distance from Earth is about 440 light-years. Pleiades is not a star, but a star cluster (group of stars). Th ( Full Answer )
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What color is pleiades?

Pleiades is an open cluster of stars. Most are hot B type stars so it will have a temperature of about 10,000 -> 30,000 K so will appear blue to blue white.
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Where do find Pleiades?

The Pleiades or the seven sisters is located in the constellationtaurus. To the right of the V that makes up the horns. One may alsolook for Cassiopeia, the sideways W. Pleiad ( Full Answer )
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What is the color of the Pleiades?

The Pleiades is a open star cluster. It contains mostly blue-white type stars, so the colour of the cluster would appear to be blue-white. However, it is a cluster and not a ( Full Answer )