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Why do ships have a plimsoll line?

  To tell how high or low the ship is resting in the water.   Also by examining the plimsoll line you can see how heavy a load is that the ship is carrying and is somet (MORE)
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Why are plimsoll lines important?

They indicate the density of the seawater, which determines how much lift-force the water can apply to the ship. So, basically, the lines show how much cargo a ship can hold i (MORE)
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How does a plimsoll line work?

According to the International Load Line Convention, the Plimsoll mark is placed at the same level as the summer (or standard) minimum freeboard line. In standard conditions ( (MORE)

What is plimsoll lines?

Plimsoll lines are lines on boats and ships. If the line goes beneath the water the ship has too much cargo to be safe. The line was instigated by the English politician, Sa (MORE)
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What is a plimsole line?

the plimsole line or mark was named in the 19th century . the line shows if the vessel or boat is over it is out of the water then the vessel or boat is not over but if it is (MORE)