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What is a plinth beam?

According to Webster, a plinth is a block upon which the moldings an an architrave or trim are stopped at the bottom, or the lower course of stones forming a foundation.
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Why is your nodding buster on a plinth?

Well it's not, not yet anyway; however, in my opinion it very well should be and sitting in my father's view for sheer torture!
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Why is the fourth plinth called the fourth plinth?

because there are four plinths in Trafalgar square the first 3 holding statues of some important blokes and the 4th holding specially commissioned art , hence the name the fou (MORE)
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What is a concrete plinth?

A plinth is a base or foundation for an object, sometimes referred to colloquially as a slab. However, "plinth" usually refers to the base of a sculpture and is reserved for (MORE)
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What do you mean by plinth in civil engg?

In classical architecture, a plinth is a vertically faced member immediately below the circular base of a column. The term also describes the lowest member of a pedestal and i (MORE)
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What is plinth area estimate?

plinth area is when measuring a building. it is a stage during the procurement of a project
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What is plinth protection?

Plinth protection is the additional length or strengthening provided in the lowest portion of a beam or the lower portion of a foundation/floor by providing additional thickne (MORE)
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What is plinth height?

A Plinth is a course of stones forming a base in a continuous foundation … the base course. The plinth height would be the height of that course.
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What is the meaning of hollow plinth?

A plinth is usually a small column or narrow upright box , used todisplay art, mostly sculpture. A hollow plinth would have a spacein the center, but there are also solid plin (MORE)