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What is the plot in Macbeth?

The plot of Macbeth is that in the effort to stop the predictions  of the three witches he brings it about. His attempt to fight his  own fate sealed it tighter with the dea (MORE)

What is a plot within a plot?

Happens all the time in detective stories and crime dramas. the police begin to investigate a mysterious death, and then find drugs, crime paraphernalia or documents, immediat (MORE)

What was the bablington plot?

I think you mean the babington plot; a plot in 1586 organized to remove Elizabeth I from power and replace her with Mary Stuart, known as Mary Queen of Scots. The plot involve (MORE)

How do you plot a box and whisker plot?

box-and-whisker plot can be useful for handling many data values. They allow people to explore data and to draw informal conclusions when two or more variables are present. It (MORE)