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Who was Plotinus?

Plotinus (205-269 CE), was the founder of the Neoplatonist school of philosophy and a critic of Gnostic Christianity.
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What is Plotinus' proof of God's existence?

The neoplatonist, Plotinus taught that there is a supreme, totally transcendent "One", containing no division, multiplicity or distinction, beyond all categories of being and ( Full Answer )
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Is the conception of Plotinus One different than christian doctrine?

The One of Plotinus is similar in some ways, but the Christian view of god is as an intelligent being who can communicate with humans and so on. The One cannot be described by ( Full Answer )
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What are some of the ideas of the philosopher Plotinus?

Plotinus was a famous philospher who studied the Platonic school of philosophy. He believed that there were three major principles. These principles were the Soul, the Intel ( Full Answer )
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What time and place to plotinus was birth?

We do not know exactly when Plotinus was born: historians have saidit was probably in either 204 or 205 CE. He was born in Lycopolis,which is today a part of Egypt.
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What has the author Plotinus written?

Plotinus has written: '[The Enneads]' 'Plotini enneades praemisso Porphyrii de vita Plotini deque ordine librorum eius libello' '[The Enneads]' 'Ennead IV.8' -- subjec ( Full Answer )