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What is mouldboard plow?

A Moldboard Plow is a plow in a v-shape that is used to till under the soil. The spike of the V digs into the earth and the sides curl it under, so basically it takes the soil (MORE)
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What is the importance of the plow?

The plow serves three different functions. First, it turns over the soil killing the current vegetation. That prepares the ground so the desired crop can be planted. If you t (MORE)

What is a steel plow?

The steel plow is a invention by John Deere in 1837. A steel plow came right after the iron plow and helped farmers because they didn't have to stop and clean their plows from (MORE)
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What is contour plowing?

Contour plowing is the farming practice of plowing across a slope  following its elevation contour lines. On sloped land, contour  plowing is done such that rows are side by (MORE)

What is a plow used for?

  A plow is a device used to prepare the soil for planting crops. It is dragged behind a tractor, horse or oxen and digs a long groove in the soil called a furrow. soil in (MORE)

What is a plow?

A plow is a piece of equipment used on farms to till (turn over) the soil in preparation for planting crops. In some countries it is spelled plough.
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How do you plow snow?

  For purposes of example we'll use a rectangular style driveway. I personally plow my 75X30 driveway with a 60 inch plow mounted to my Polaris 800 ATV.   I start by an (MORE)

Can a goat plow?

it depends on the breed, and soil quality, rocks, many things but on good soil that has been softened well, a Nubian or boar goat may be able to but do not use any smaller bre (MORE)

What is a wooden plow?

a wooen plow is a ancient mesopotamian tool used to make soil softer for fertile soil also use it before planting crops like barley, onions, grapes, turnups, and apples