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What is a plow?

A plow is a piece of equipment used on farms to till (turn over) the soil in preparation for planting crops. In some countries it is spelled plough.
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What is conservation plowing?

a technique where farmers plow with the curve of the land insted of in straight lines It is also called Contour plowing its when you plow on a curve of a hill to prevent run (MORE)

What is a plow used for?

  A plow is a device used to prepare the soil for planting crops. It is dragged behind a tractor, horse or oxen and digs a long groove in the soil called a furrow. soil in (MORE)

What is a wooden plow?

a wooen plow is a ancient mesopotamian tool used to make soil softer for fertile soil also use it before planting crops like barley, onions, grapes, turnups, and apples
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What is countor plowing?

Contour plowing is when farmers plow their farms perpendicular to changes in elevation to prevent erosion. Kind of like plowing the land to look like a topographic map.
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What is furrow plowing?

Furrow plowing is put to use by farmers everywhere. It's a technique to elevate a bed of soil in parallel rows in a certain way that leaves a trench for irrigation and drainag (MORE)

What is a Lucas plow?

Well the wild and ferocious Lucas Plough is a new species. He will  do anything to get food. Though he is a scavenger, he will  sometimes hunt for food, also known as trick- (MORE)