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What is CSI Mozilla plugin?

It's part of the Australian government's Common-use Signing Interface program. Common-use signing interface (CSI) is a software component that provides security to online ser (MORE)

Is a plugin a hardware or software?

I think by plugin you mean things like Adobe Flash plugin or winamp plugins. so if i try to answer your question with this assumption, plugins are software. They are modules (MORE)

Is unity plugin safe?

Yes, the Unity plugin is safe in the same sense that Flash is safe. Unity's sandbox design prevents Unity3D apps from accessing your personal data on your hard drive, reading (MORE)

Do VST plugins work on a Mac?

Some Mac software can use VST plugins and some only uses the AU (Audio Units) plugins. Most suppliers of plugins supply their products in both VST and AU formats or there is s (MORE)

What is the name of the plugin for Minecraft?

If you want to play Minecraft in your web browser, you will have to install Java on your computer. Java usually comes with browser plugins that can be used to run Java apps su (MORE)

How do you install plugins on a Minecraft server?

You go to BukkitDEV or Bukkit Plugin list. Then Download and take the .jar into the plugins Also, some come with folders so put the folder in the plugins folder aswell. *Note (MORE)

What is computer plugins?

Plugins refer to a small piece of executable code that is designed  to complement and expand the functions or features of a bigger  program - Take the Flash plugin for web b (MORE)