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What are plugins?

  Plugins, also often called "add-ons", are pieces of code that add to and extend the functionality of a program.  
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Is a plugin a hardware or software?

I think by plugin you mean things like Adobe Flash plugin or winamp plugins. so if i try to answer your question with this assumption, plugins are software. They are modules (MORE)

Can you add a plugin to a blog?

All WordPress Plugins install the same way.Download the latest version of the WordPress Plugin to your computer.With an FTP program, access your site's server.Upload (copy) th (MORE)

Do VST plugins work on a Mac?

Some Mac software can use VST plugins and some only uses the AU (Audio Units) plugins. Most suppliers of plugins supply their products in both VST and AU formats or there is s (MORE)
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How do you get rice video plugin?

at rice video plugin search it and click on the one posted by rice he is an moderator. __ __________ __ __ | |________ | ______| | | | | | _______ | | |_____ | |__ (MORE)

How do you get free vst plugin?

Just google free vst plugin, there are many, though I have downloaded a few as part of making dubstep, techno music for and none were really worth the effort and (MORE)

What is computer plugins?

Plugins refer to a small piece of executable code that is designed  to complement and expand the functions or features of a bigger  program - Take the Flash plugin for web b (MORE)