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Who was Plutarch?

Plutarch was a greek scholar from Chaeronea in Boetia living in the early roman imperial period his date of birth is sometime in the 40's AD. He studied mathamatics and Philop (MORE)


A greek writer and biographer who was a member of the litteray movement known as the second sophistic, which was the greek equivilent to the silver age of latin literature. He (MORE)

Where did Plutarch live?

Plutarch lived in the town of Chaeronea in the greek region of Boetia, 2O miles from the sanctuary at delphi where he served as a priest, although he travelled widely includin (MORE)

What did Plutarch do?

We know Plutarch mainly as a writer of history from his parallel lives and fragments of his biographies of Roman emperors. However before writing he was also a minor official (MORE)

What was plutarch famous for?

Plutarch is the most famous biographer of the ancient world and the author of a famous collection now known as Plutarch's Lives. Plutarch's original title was Parallel Lives o (MORE)

What has the author Plutarch written?

Plutarch. has written: 'Racconti di storia greca, Racconti di storia romana, scelti dalle Vite parallele di Plutarco' 'Plutarchi moralia' 'Ho mikros Ploutarchos' 'Le v (MORE)

Was Plutarch a good leader?

He never really acted as a leader anywhere. In his home town he  served as a sort of Alderman. Since he served for several terms, he  probably gave general satisfaction in t (MORE)