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Which countries are a plutocracy?

The Philippines is a plutocracy. Recent surveys and studies have shown that the economic climate in the country is governed by about 20 families from the middle of the last ce ( Full Answer )
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Disadvantages about plutocracy?

Since Plutocracy is a government ran by the wealthy, there could be a few disadvantages but also there could be some advantages, also. Disadvantages: Wealthy People runni ( Full Answer )
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What are Pros and Cons of Plutocracy?

Pros: there will always be some wealthy people in the country Cons: Ruler does not listen to the lower classes only the wealthycitizens get a voice
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What places is a plutocracy?

pretty much anywhere, to a degree. Plutocracy is rule by the wealthy, or power provided by wealth. Plutocracies define themselves through high economic inequality and low s ( Full Answer )
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How does a plutocracy work?

A plutocracy basically runs like this: Rich people run it, poor people don't. They say, they do.
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How long has Ethiopia been a plutocracy?

Ethiopia is mostly owned by a wealthy man named Sheikh MuhammedHussein Al Amoudi. While he has been giving money to Ethiopia sincethe 1980's, it was 1991 when Ethiopia underwe ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word plutocracy in a sentence?

When you say it's a "rule of the rich", as in the Golden Rule ( he who has the gold, rules ). "This plutocracy keeps the poor aware of everything...or not."
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Is US going to a plutocracy?

Unfortunately oil corporations in the U.S., led by the corporate elite oil, have brought together a trillion-dollar figure, of dollars throughout time, from the nineteenth cen ( Full Answer )
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Is Pakistan a plutocracy?

Pakistan is a democratic country and presidency is through transparent and free elections. Rich people may have better chance for presidency but not always. . Some contempo ( Full Answer )