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Where is Plymouth?

Plymouth is on the coast of Devon, England, about 190 miles (310 km) south west of London, between the River Plym to the east and the River Tamar to the west. The latitude of (MORE)
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Why was Plymouth named Plymouth?

Plymouth UK is so called because it is on the mouth or estuary of the River Plym,it is that simple......but.... the River Plym gets its name from the town of Plympton which is (MORE)
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Why did they name the Plymouth Plymouth?

Answer . Plymouth the car?. 1928: Plymouth and DeSoto formed; Chrysler buys Dodge . May - The Plymouth Motor Corporation and the DeSoto Motor Corporation are formed. Wa (MORE)
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When was Plymouth invented?

When the pilgrims came to the U.S., they needed a place to live. This is when they created Plymouth.
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Is Plymouth a port?

Yes Plymouth UK, is a reasonably major port. As the name suggests it is based at the mouth of the River Plym, but it is also at the mouth of the Tamar, Lynher and TAvy Rivers (MORE)
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How do you spell Plymouth?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun Plymouth (any of several US cities, and a car brand).
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Where is the real Plymouth?

The original Plymouth is located in the South West of England in Devon. It sits on the Cornish boarder between the rivers Plym and Tamar and Dartmoor.
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Was Pocahontas in Plymouth?

No. .She lived in VA and by 1616 she had died in England and the Pilgrims didn't land until 1620. The story we know is not true. Actually the colonist landed in an area of 14, (MORE)
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Why is the Plymouth named Plymouth?

Inspiration for the Plymouth automobile brand name came fromPlymouth binder twine (popular among farmers), produced by thePlymouth Cordage Company.