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What is plywood?

These are wood panels normally made in 8foot by 4foot sizes. These are made by laminating wood in thin layers (normally 3 millimetres each ply) The will be cross layered to (MORE)

How is MDF compared to plywood?

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is made by effectively pulping hard and soft woods into fibres and them pressing them together with a resin/binder to for a solid lump of mater (MORE)

How can you bend plywood?

well I'm a carpenter so to tell you to bend plywood not a very good idea but usually to bend wood you soak it in water,press it against something with the same form you want a (MORE)

How tall is the plywood?

As a standalone question I'd have to say there is no answer. In general. regardless of whether a piece of plywood is standing vertical or laying horizontal, the term "tall" do (MORE)