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Is making podcasts on iTunes free?

  You make a PodCast on your own computer using GarageBand or something similar. You then send your PodCast to Apple for approval. If it is acceptable (does not include co (MORE)

What is an iTunes podcast?

  a PodCast is the equivalent of a radio or TV show but they can be downloaded from iTunes (or other sources) to be listened to/viewed on an iPod (or other suitable player (MORE)

What can a Podcast do?

Podcasts are freely available audio files in several categories including radio show highlights, radio news stories, science discussions, personal health and a whole range of (MORE)

What is a podcast?

Podcasting is online audio content that is delivered via an RSS feed. Many people liken podcasting to radio on demand. However, in reality, podcasting gives far more options i (MORE)

What are podcasts about?

Podcasts can be on any subject. They are video broadcasts just like a radio show. Usually, people who learn better by hearing than reading like podcasts.

What is the best podcast?

There are so many now, it is difficult to decide on which one is best - If you want well-researched, well-financed film podcasts find FILM WEEKLY, SLASHFILM and FILMSPOTTING (MORE)

What is podcasting used for?

Podcasting is used to distribute audio or video files, such as radio programs or music videos, over the internet using RSS syndication for listening on mobile devices and pers (MORE)

What do Podcasts enable you to?

A podcast is a clip of audio or video content that is broadcasted  over the Internet using compressed audio and video files such as  MP3s and MP4s.
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How do you get podcast?

You may get a podcast from the content provider's website such as Twit Network (, from a podcast directory such as, or via a media management application (MORE)