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What is diction in communication?

style of speaking or writing as dependent upon choice of words: good diction.the accent, inflection, intonation, and speech-sound quality manifested by an individual speaker, (MORE)

What is a poetic contraction?

A poetic contraction is a shortening of a word by omitting letters or sounds from the middle of the word and replacing the omission(s) with an apostrophe. I find this used oft (MORE)

What is Poetic Drama?

Poetic drama is a play which is holly or mainly written in verse form. Although it had its birth during the Elizabethan Period, it was not carried forward as it possessed to m (MORE)

What is poetic symbolism?

Poetic Symbolizing is when the poet uses a figure of speech. The poet uses objects, people, or settings that mean more than what it physically/literally is. example: I am in (MORE)

What is a poetic device?

A poetic device is a language feature such as a simile, metaphor, pun etc. poetic devices or often called poetic methods can be a number of things used in a poem. Examples of (MORE)
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What is vernacular diction?

The vernacular (diction) is the dialect spoken by natives of a  certain area. It doesn't usually use proper gramatical conventions.  For example: how 'valley girls' use the (MORE)

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