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Flybar or vertigo pogo sticks?

  Depends how much your willing to spend. Vertigo is much better seeing as they can jump 7 feet + compared to flybars 4 feet +. But flybars are only 150-200 new, and verti (MORE)
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What is a pogo stick?

The pogo stick is the latest craze sweeping the world. Used for leisure, exercise and entertainment for people all over the world, all nationalities and ages,but weight.   (MORE)
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How many calories are in a pogo stick?

I'm sorry you should really eat a pogo stick. A pogo stick is something u can jump with. It is made out of metal or plastic. If you still want to know how many are in it, you (MORE)

Who has the World record pogo stick jumps?

The greatest number of consecutive jumps achieved on a pogo stick is 186,152, by James Roumeliotis (USA) in Massachusetts, USA on 22 - 23 September 2007. The attempt lasted 19 (MORE)
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Is a pogo stick a vehicle?

sorta, cause when you jump on it it moves you but a vehicle has to have wheels and pogo sticks don't.   No a vehicle does not have to have wheels because a sled is technica (MORE)

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