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What is a Consequence of being a poikilothermic?

there are several consequences of being a poikilothermic:. 1.they have a short life.. 2.their body temperature change with environment temperature.. 3.they generally have c ( Full Answer )
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What does poikilothermic mean?

Poikilothermic refers to the creatures who's body temperature rises and falls with the surrounding environment. These creatures would be cold in cold areas and hot in hot ones ( Full Answer )
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What is a poikilotherm?

A poikilotherm is an organism that its temperature fluctuates based on the temperature of its surrounding.
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Homeotherms and poikilotherms?

Homeotherm has a temperature that doesn't change and pokilotherm is a temperature that changes according to the environment.
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Are reptiles poikilothermic?

Reptiles are poikilothermic, poikilothermic means that they can not regulate heat internally.This is why they are cold blooded and need to bask in the sun regularly to maintai ( Full Answer )
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Difference between homoiotherms and poikilotherms?

Homoiotherms can maintain their body temperature while poikilotherms can't. As a result, homoiotherms can live with a wider temperature range.
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Is a grasshopper homeothermic or poikilothermic?

A grasshopper is considered to be poikilothermic because it doesnot control its internal temperatures. Humans and other warmblooded species are considered homoeothermic.
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What does poikilotherms mean?

An organism, such as a fish or reptile, having a body temperature that varies with the temperature of its surroundings;