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What is point-of-sale?

something like this, i think it's a system allowing businesstransactions to be monitored, and also therein facilitating tasksthat would otherwise be time-consuming (if done ma (MORE)

What are benefits of point of sale system?

There are so many benefits to having a point of sale system. Reporting, time management, loss prevention, the list can go on and on. ~ EPOS or Electronic Point of Sale equipme (MORE)

What point of sale system does Publix Supermarkets use?

Publix uses HP RP5000 series hardware combined with Retalix  StoreLine POS software. Printers are the Epson TM-H6000II, III, and  IV series (depending on installation date). (MORE)

What is the best restaurant point of sale system?

I was a restaurant manager for many years, and have used a number of restaurant point of sale systems. A few stand out in my mind as being above the rest in terms of ease of u (MORE)

How do point of sale systems work and are they expensive?

A point of sale system records sales as they are happening instead of waiting till the end of the day when the "cash register" is closed out. A point of sale system or POS is (MORE)

What is point of sale advertising?

Point-of-Sale-Advertising, or Point-of-sale marketing material, is  consumer-facing messaging for products or services designed to be  viewed as the customer is making a pur (MORE)

What are the advantages of Point Of Sale to the customer?

The point of sale system in reference to the customer is going to  overall enhance their shopping/buying experience. Less mistakes  will be made, it should speed up their ti (MORE)
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What is a good POS system that you can buy?

There are a wide variety of POS systems depending on what type of business you are using it for. The top 3 ranked POS systems are Gotmerchant, Dell/Quickbooks and effortlessE. (MORE)

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