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What is food poising?

Where you eat something that your stomach isn't used to or cant digest properly and it reacts with your stomach acid; Or it can basically be off food or ilnesses caught with c (MORE)

What is visual poise?

it is a balance on how u show beauty. not only in look but also in terms of manners. ex. standing, walking or picking something. u must have a right manners in that simple a (MORE)

Poise in a sentence?

She showed poise, standing tall with her shoulders back, even as her gymnastics teacher criticized her moves.

Are salamanders poisness?

Newts and Salamanders make produce toxins that surface from their skins, but these toxins won't harm people. They main use is to produce a nasty taste in any would-be predator (MORE)
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Could you get poising from white out?

Yes. Correction fluid contains two major chemicals which have been proven to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing) in varying levels... titanium dioxide and solvent naphtha. (MORE)

What is the food poising?

Food poisoning is when the body's digestive system is overwhelmedwith bacteria ingested via foodborne illness. The impropermanagement and maintenance of food is the route to f (MORE)