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Where did the song Ring around the Poise come from?

  For those of you who didn't know, this nursery rhyme was written as a warning for the bubonic plague.   Ring around the rosie,   This line was symbolic of the red (MORE)

What does visual poise mean?

Visual; relating to vision or sight. Poise; To hold supported or suspended without motion in a steady position. So together they mean; Showing balance of beauty, not just in l (MORE)

What is the value of bronzes by ronald van ruyckevelt titled winged majesty sovereign of the skies and poised for glory as individual pieces?

Initial issue of these bronze pieces sold for $200 each. They are beautiful and should be increasing in value. I have seen individual pieces go for anywhere between $100 and $ (MORE)

What is visual poise?

it is a balance on how u show beauty. not only in look but also in terms of manners. ex. standing, walking or picking something. u must have a right manners in that simple a (MORE)

How can you prove that 1pascal second equals 10 poise?

Poise (definition) = 1 gram / centimeter - second Pascal (definition) = 1 newton / meter 2 = 1 kg-meter / second 2 - meter 2 = 1 kg / sec 2 - meter (MORE)