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Where do you get phione in Pokemon Diamond or pearl?

To get a phione you must first have a manaphy. you can get one from Pokemon rangers. Then you must breed your manaphy, dittos are handy for this. Then hatch the resulting egg (MORE)

Where on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl how do you get flash?

you go to the cave where oreburg gate go up break the rocks and go from the stairs go down see at the right side will see a poke ball on the floor break the rocks at your righ (MORE)

Why did the mayans play pok-a-pok?

to entertain them in life. Not only did they play to entertain themselves that also played on special occasions. The teams would play against each other and the winning team (MORE)
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How do you get a Ditto in Diamond and Pearl?

1)you have to get a PokeRadar. -------------------- How? Complete your pokedex by seeing all the pokemons in your pokedex. To make sure you've completed your pokedex, (MORE)

What is better Pokemon pearl or diamond?

They are both good but.... i have Pearl and my friend has Diamond. He says Diamond is better becuase, Dialga is Steel and Dragon which is stronger than Water and Dragon for Pa (MORE)
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What is Pokemon 102 in diamond and pearl?

Pokémon #102, in Pokémon versions Diamond and Pearl, is Cresselia, the Lunar Pokémon. Cresselia is #488 on the National Pokédex, which is the Pokédex that lists all known (MORE)

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