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Why does one egg need to be boiled in Pokhara Nepal 900 m above sea level 7 min and in Hameln Germany 9 m above sea level 4 min - Parameters Pokhara cooking gas softer water Hameln electricity?

Answer . At school I remember being very impressed when I learned that mountaineers climbing Everest couldn't make decent tea because the water never got hot enough ------ (MORE)

Where is pokhara?

Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City (Nepali: पोखराउप-महानगरपालिका Pokhara Upa-Mahanag (MORE)
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Why don't many tourists visit pokhara?

Tourists usually visit places and areas because of either some famous landmark (Disneyland in Paris for example) or because it has a natural landmark (for example Ayres Rock i (MORE)
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Where is the city of Pokhara located?

The city of Pokhara is located in Nepal. It is the second largest city in Nepal and also located in the center. It's in the Kaski district and is the capital of the Western De (MORE)