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What are the poles?

People from Poland, much like the Danes are from Denmark and the Sweeds are from Sweeden.
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What is a pole?

\n. \na pole is an awesome thing often found in your butt. it is usually purple. =)\n. \nOR: a pole is something dancers use... usually women to dance for men.

What is the circumference from pole to pole?

You probably mean our Earth.. The diameter d of Earth from North Pole to South Pole is 12,713.54 kilometers (7,899.83 miles), but through the equator it is 12,756.32 kilome (MORE)

How long is a pole-vault pole?

Beginner girls' poles are as small as 10 feet long. More advanced (collegiate) girls jump on 12-14 foot poles. Guys' poles go from 12-15 feet . Elite men jump on poles (MORE)
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Is it fish pole or fishing pole?

It is a pole for fishing, a fishing pole. To be a fish pole, the pole would have to be made out of fish or it would have to be a pole that a fish uses.

What are North Pole and south pole?

Both poles mark points on the earth where the lines of latitudeconverge to a single point. Both are named 90 degrees: the northpole at 90 degrees N and the south pole at 90 de (MORE)