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What is the circumference from pole to pole?

You probably mean our Earth.   The diameter d of Earth from North Pole to South Pole is 12,713.54 kilometers (7,899.83 miles), but through the equator it is 12,756.32 kilom (MORE)

What is a pole vault pole made out of?

  Pole Vault Poles used to made out of materials such as wood, metal and bamboo. Pole Vault Poles are now made out of bendable materials such as Fiberglass and Carbon Fibe (MORE)

What is the weight of a pole vault pole?

  Generally between 6-10 pounds when it's upright. However, when lowering the pole it can pull on the body with more then 20 pounds of force.
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What is the pole of the mirror?

The center of the spherical reflecting surface of the mirror is called the pole of the mirror.
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How long is a pole-vault pole?

  Beginner girls' poles are as small as 10 feet long. More advanced (collegiate) girls jump on 12-14 foot poles. Guys' poles go from 12-15 feet. Elite men jump on pole (MORE)
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What length is a pole vault pole?

At a high school level, poles usually range between 12 and 14 ft. However, there is no restriction to the length of a pole, so you could very well vault with a pole that is 20 (MORE)

What is a pole as in switches?

a separate contact: single pole switches have one contact, double pole two, etc. throws in a switch are the number of ways the switch may be set. SPST - one contact that can (MORE)

What Is pole star?

It a star whose position is close to the celestial north pole, and  it lies approximately directly overhead when it is viewed from the  Earth's North Pole. It is called Pola (MORE)