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What are the poles?

People from Poland, much like the Danes are from Denmark and the Sweeds are from Sweeden.
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What is a pole?

\n. \na pole is an awesome thing often found in your butt. it is usually purple. =)\n. \nOR: a pole is something dancers use... usually women to dance for men.
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What is the circumference from pole to pole?

You probably mean our Earth.. The diameter d of Earth from North Pole to South Pole is 12,713.54 kilometers (7,899.83 miles), but through the equator it is 12,756.32 kilome (MORE)
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How do you travel with pole vault pole?

Any covering that will keep the pole from being chipped or completely crushed will keep it safe. Generally, pole vault bags are used with rain gutters lining the inside of the (MORE)
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How long is a pole-vault pole?

Beginner girls' poles are as small as 10 feet long. More advanced (collegiate) girls jump on 12-14 foot poles. Guys' poles go from 12-15 feet . Elite men jump on poles (MORE)
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Is it fish pole or fishing pole?

It is a pole for fishing, a fishing pole. To be a fish pole, the pole would have to be made out of fish or it would have to be a pole that a fish uses.
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What are North Pole and south pole?

Both poles mark points on the earth where the lines of latitudeconverge to a single point. Both are named 90 degrees: the northpole at 90 degrees N and the south pole at 90 de (MORE)