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What is Police?

Q. What is police. "POLICE" is a public servant sworn to hold the line between order and dis order. Police sever in a City/town/Park/VA Hospitals/Borders. The term means they (MORE)

Who are the police?

The police are a force of trained people that respond to emergencies in a certain area or jurisdiction. They can be summoned by dialing 9-1-1 in the United States, and will co (MORE)
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Police is or police are?

Use the third person, plural form 'are' when referring to police in general. The word police is an aggregate noun, a word representing an indefinite number of parts; aggregate (MORE)
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Why were the police after him?

Well, I can't really answer this question...but this question is about pirates! Well the pirate stole from a bank and kidnapped three people! He tried to get away but the pol (MORE)

How do police get away with police brutality?

This is a very old problem; even in the Roman Empire, the question was famously asked, who guards the guardians? Since it is the police who enforce the laws, it is the police (MORE)

How can you be a police?

if you mean how to become a police officer.. In most states in the US you have to be 21, legal US citizen, pass a criminal background check, and pass the departments academy. (MORE)

Who do the police answer to?

Police officers will answer to their Chief Inspector at that station who will then answer to the Commissioner of the Police force who then answers to the governing power of th (MORE)
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Who polices the police?

Internal Affairs, or other police officers specifically assigned todo just that Police the Police, while many think this is a conflictof interest it really isn't as the office (MORE)