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What is poliomyelitis?

disease may be defined as a failure of the adaptive mechanics of an organisms to counteract adequately the stimuli and stress to which it is subjected, resulting in a disturba (MORE)
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Treatment of poliomyelitis?

Young children are vaccinated against it in most parts of the world. Once someone gets polio, there is no cure. It causes paralysis of the limbs.
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What is the pathogen of poliomyelitis?

\nthe polio virus...the virus is an enterovirus...there are 3 types....1,2,3. \nthe polio virus...the virus is an enterovirus...there are 3 types....1,2,3
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What are the symptoms of Poliomyelitis?

Poliomyelitis, often called polio or infantile paralysis, is anacute, viral, infectious disease spread from person to person,primarily via the fecal-oral route.The term derive (MORE)
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Can you cure poliomyelitis?

There is no cure for polio, but polio prevention is availablethrough a vaccine. Polio vaccine in the United States is given asan inactivated polio vaccine. Approximately 90 pe (MORE)
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What is the cure for poliomyelitis?

There is no cure , but vaccines can prevent it. If one gets polio, there are treatments but mostly they are just supportive treatments like the iron lung.
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What are the types of poliomyelitis?

There are 3 types of poliomyelitis (polio) infection: 1. Sub-clinical: does not affect the central nervous system andpatients may not experience any symptoms 2. Non-paralytic (MORE)
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What is the poliomyelitis?

Poliomyelitis is the virus which causes polio. It is characterized by crippled limps and inability to move the limbs. Vaccination is provided all over the world to eradicate p (MORE)